“Molly has a way of getting kids to believe in themselves and making them feel empowered! This camp can encourage your child’s confidence. Molly has a way of making every child feel important! This camp is the best!”
-Liz Daume, Teacher at NES

“Molly’s camp is so much fun! My daughters love it and are signed up again for 2015!!”
– Meg Ruley

“Improv camp was so fun!” There is no other camp on Nantucket like it!
We play improv games and it’s a blast! I laughed the whole time!”

– Andrew Daume

“Now matter your age or previous experience, there is a lot to learn from improv vet Molly Martin. New games and challenges were posed on you as a player, and all this preparation led up to one fun community performance that ended the week on a great note. Performing on stage and improv are one of the best life skills no matter what you do or what you want to pursue, so learn the best from the best, Molly Martin!”
– Nate Jones